Fort at Lakhpat, Village Lakhpat – Kachchh

Fort at Lakhpat, Village Lakhpat – Kachchh

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Although there was a Gurdwara here since the 1800s, in the later part of twentieth century, some Sikh families had settled near Lakhpat and other parts of Kutch, specially at Gandhidham. This was the port-city of Kandla port, which was built in the year 1952. In the wake of independence of India in 1947, lot of Sindhi’s families settled in Kutch from erstwhile Sind Province. Sindhi’s have been devotees of Guru Nanak Dev. They with the co-operation of the Sikh’s built a Gurudwara at Gandhidham and this Gurudwara management along with a Sindhi fellow settled at Lakhpat after independence. They have been looking after the Lakhpat shrine for the last 50 years.

It is believed that Guru Nanak Dev ji stayed at Lakhpat several times while travelling south and to Mecca and Medina (Saudi Arabia). The place served as a seat of the Udasi Sect. Several rare treasures are preserved here at Gurudwara Shri Lakhpat Sahib including the “charan Paduka” – Khadvas (wooden footwear) of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s.

At present various extensions are being added to the Gurdwara complex and this “sewa” of additional building of Yatri Niwas (visitor’s sleeping rooms), Langar hall (Dining hall), Diwan Hall (congregation hall) is being undertaken by Shri Baba Lakkha Singh ji – Baruch.