Lakhpat Gurdwara, Vill. Lakhpat – Kachchh

Lakhpat Saheb Gurudwara, Kachchh

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Gurdwara Pehli Patshahi meaning the “Gurdwara of the first master” is situated at Lakhpat, Gujarat, India – A town in Gujarat, visited by Guru Nanak Sahib during his second and fourth missionary journeys (Udasis) in 1506-1513 AD and 1519-1521 AD respectively. Gurdwara Guru Nanak Sahib has been built to preserve the memory of these visits of revered Guru during the early 1500s. Guru Nanak is believed to have visited this site while he was on his way to Mecca during the Fourth Udasi. A few rare personal possessions of his are retained here.

In the course of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s travels, he visited Gujarat and traveled on to Lakhpat. In old times, Lakhpat was part of Sind (now in Pakistan). Lakhpat is 170 kms from Gandhidham, Gujarat, India. In the sixteenth century Lakhpat was known as “Basta Bander”. Lakhpat used to be a rich rice growing area and was also a popular port. However, due to an earthquake in 1819 A.D., the area became barren and crops withered away due to a lack of water as the river disappeared after the earthquake.

To commemorate Guru Nanak Dev ji’s visit to Lakhpat, a Gurudwara was built in the early years of the nineteenth century. A vast tract of land was bestowed to the Gurudwara to make up expenses for maintenance and to look after the visitors. The revenues from the land and the crops grown there have sustained the Gurdwara. Lakhpat is about 20 kms from Korini village where there is a big Sarovar in memory of the visit by Guru Nanak Dev ji to this area. From Lakhpat, Guru ji crossed to Somiani port in Sind for his famous journey onward to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.


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